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What is the onboarding process?

  1. Sign in or sign up at https://apiportal.jbhunt.com/. You will receive a username via email after signing up.
  2. Browse our APIs, and try it out in the portal to make sure it works as expected.
  3. Subscribe to the API’s product here to get a subscription key (aka API-key).
  4. Register your app at the Client Registration page to get a client ID and secret. See 'How do I register my application?' for more details.
  5. Develop your app. At runtime:
    1. Retrieve an access token (aka bearer token) from the access token URL. See 'How do I retrieve a bearer token in my application?'.
    2. Call the API as prescribed by the API’s documentation. Generally, this requires passing the subscription key and bearer token as headers, as shown below:
      • API-key = \
      • Authorization = "Bearer \ "
  6. Schedule a go-live date with your J.B. Hunt representative or see 'Who can I contact for help?'.

    This process will need to be repeated in each environment: Production (required) and Test (optional). See 'How do I access the Production / Test environments?' in the FAQ.

    Caution: Before starting development, we strongly advise that you to reach out to a J.B. Hunt representative to discuss your planned implementation. J.B. Hunt reserves the right to refuse or revoke API access for inappropriate use. See 'Who can I contact for help?'.

What security protocol do I need to use?

Most J.B. Hunt APIs follow the OAuth 2.0 security protocol. Specifically, many of our APIs require the Oauth2.0 Password grant type. For more information on Oauth 2.0, check out the OAuth website

How do I get a subscription key?

You get a subscription key by subscribing to the product containing the API you are wanting to call. Go to Products, select the product with your desired API, and click Subscribe.

How do I see my current subscriptions?

In the top-right corner, click on your account and select PROFILE. This will show a list of active subscriptions.

How do I register my application?

To obtain an authorization token in your application, you will need to register first.

  1. Enter a name for your application (any name will work).
  2. Check the Password grant type
  3. Click Save
  4. Retrieve the app’s Client ID and Secret. The Secret can be copied by clicking the gear symbol

How do I retrieve an authorization token from my app?

To retrieve an authorization token (aka bearer token), call the J.B. Hunt OAuth 2.0 Access Token URL with the Password grant type. Most authorization tokens are valid for 60 minutes. Below is a sample authentication request curl:

                curl --data "grant_type=password&client_id={CLIENT ID}&client_secret={CLIENT SECRET}&username={USERNAME}&password={PASSWORD}" https://oauth2-dev.nonprod.jbhunt.com/oauth2provider/oauth/

How can I download an API spec?

Go to APIs, and select your desired API. In the top-right corner, click API Definition, and select a format to download. There are several free OpenAPI viewers available, such as https://editor.swagger.io/, that can make viewing API specs easier to read.

Is there a limit to the number of API calls I can make?

Currently, J.B. Hunt is not restricting the number of API transactions. This policy will be revised as necessary, and J.B. Hunt reserves the right to revoke API access for misuse. If you anticipate an unusually large volume of API traffic, please contact a J.B. Hunt representative (see 'Who can I contact for help?').

How do I access the Production / Test environments?

Links to our Production and Test environments are listed below. Use of the test environment is encouraged, but optional. API response times in Test are generally slower than Production.

Who can I contact for help?

For questions related to a new onboarding, contact API.Onboarding@jbhunt.com.

For technical help, or to report an issue, contact API.Management@jbhunt.com.

Not seeing your API? Want to request a new API?

Please send ideas and feedback to API.Onboarding@jbhunt.com.